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Math 090 Elementary Algebra
Math 095 Intermediate Algebra
Spring 2024

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This document contains information specific to this class and is particularly useful in the first week of the term. It supplements the main SYLLABUS for Keely's Mathematics Online Courses which contains key info and policies.

  1. Course Description
    1. Class Information
    2. Prerequisite
    3. Coverage
    4. Outcomes
  2. Course Materials
    1. WebAssign Platform and e-Textbook
    2. Tutorial Videos
Course Description

Class Information

Course name Elementary Algebra, Course number MATH 090, section D01D, item #3416, 5 credits

Course name Intermediate Algebra, Course number MATH 095, 5 credits
Class "095A": section D01D, item #3421
Class "095B": section D03D item #44901

Dates: 4/8/2024 – 6/18/2024 including the final examination.

Modality: This is a fully online courses conducted asynchronously in Canvas and WebAssign. This is NOT a "remote learning" format, thus has no real-time class meetings (i.e. NO Zoom). FAQ - What's the difference between online and remote class? What does "asynchronous" mean?


To qualify for Math 090 you must have passed CAP 42 with a grade of "C" or higher, or placement tested into math level 20.
To qualify for Math 095 you must have passed Math 090 with a grade of "C" or higher, or placement tested into math level 40.


The Math 090-095 sequence is fast-paced and designed for the student who is on STEM or Business Pathway and planning to take Math 103, 105, or 111. Students on the Liberal Arts or Professional Pathway should take the Math 092-096 sequence instead which leads to Math &107, 122, or &146.

  • Elementary Algebra covers algebraic expressions, linear equations, linear inequalities in one variable, an introduction to graphs and functions, the coordinate plane, lines, systems of linear equations in two variables, integer exponents, and polynomials.
  • Intermediate Algebra covers algebraic processes related to polynomial, rational, radical, rational exponent, and quadratic expressions and equations. Also includes composite, inverse, exponential, and logarithmic functions.

The goal of these courses is not only to learn the foundations of algebra and prepare you for college-level mathematics, but also to improve your critical thinking and problem solving abilities.


The Mathematics Department has identified the following Course Level Outcomes for which you should be proficient upon successful completion of the course.

Elementary Algebra Outcomes

  1. Model and answer questions pertaining to real world situations, using linear equations.
  2. Demonstrate the transition from arithmetic expressions to algebraic expressions.
  3. Solve an equation for a specified variable using additive and multiplicative inverse operations.
  4. Connect a linear graph to its equation and to its representations in functional and verbal form.
  5. Perform operations on polynomials.

Intermediate Algebra Outcomes

  1. Manipulate complex algebraic expressions to find a useful equivalent form.
  2. Solve a quadratic, logarithmic, or exponential equation.
  3. Factor polynomials.
  4. Choose an appropriate strategy to solve a real world problem, and interpret the solution.
  5. Connect parabolic, exponential, and logarithmic functions with key elements of their graphs.

How will you be assessed on these outcomes? See Mathematics Online Syllabus: Outcomes Assessment.

Course Materials

WebAssign Software and e-Textbook

Icon indicating important information. FDDA to course materials: This is a First Day Digital Access (FDDA) course meaning that you already paid for the e-textbook and access to WebAssign with your tuition. There is nothing more to purchase! You will have access to the e-textbook and WebAssign on the first day of the quarter inside your Canvas course. If you drop the course by the first week drop deadline you will receive a full refund for the course materials.

What is WebAssign (WA): WebAssign access is required to access the assignments and tests. WA is a digital learning platform provided by the textbook publisher, Cengage. In WA you can read the e-textbook, watch video tutorials, work interactive practice problems, complete assignments, and take tests. The complete textbook is included as an online e-textbook inside WA and also available through Cengage's MindTap app.

e-Textbook that is included inside WebAssign:

Elementary and Intermediate Algebra (5th ed)
by Tussy/Gustafson
Textbook cover.

Icon indicating important information. Registering in WebAssign: You *must* register for WA by clicking on a link to a WA assignment in our Canvas classroom. You do not need a "class key", in fact one won't work because WA is synced with Canvas.

Tutorial Videos: Videos are provided by Cengage linked directly in the e-textbook. Additional videos may be provided in class or linked in the supplementary resources portion of the professor's Lesson Notes. Sources for other recommended videos are listed at FAQs: Tutorial video sites. Note: please AVOID Khan Academy and do not recommend it in discussion posts.